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He has UN-retired, part-time, for as long as you want him. A year+ "off" worked wonders!

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Our practice is dedicated to helping you become as dentally healthy and as attractively smiley as you want to be and can be, and to helping you maintain that improvement for as long as possible--we hope for a lifetime. We strive to reach these goals efficiently and gently in a pleasant and happy environment.

We accomplish this by attentively listening to your dental concerns and aspirations, by thoroughly evaluating your dental situation--where you are, and where you want to be--and by setting mutually agreed-upon treatment priorities. Then we use the most up-to-date materials and methods available to help you reach your goals as rapidly as possible, while providing an experience that is memorable for its minimal stress and maximum comfort. We want to help our patients improve their quality of life, not just fill a never-ending bunch of holes in their heads.

We both have been doing this very successfully for quite some time. We truly enjoy helping sensitive "chickens" gradually develop into strong "eagles"! (Doctor T. has been focussed on nurturing dental "chickens" since the mid-1970s.) We have become very good at it. The process has been and continues to be a lot of fun. So, come on in--and please consider making this your permanent dental home!.

Dr. Baohua Zhang, AKA "Doctor Z.", and Dr. Ted Thibodeau, AKA "Doctor T."

Please read our HIPAA NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES effective April 14, 2003, as required by Federal Law


About  Us

Learn about us, who we are, how this practice started, and what makes us just a little "different".

"Do you like & treat kids?" (YES! Access the new "Little People" info page.)


Sign outside Unitarian Universalist Church, Weymouth Massachusetts:
"A little nonsense now and then
is relished by the wisest".

Ahhh, Those Wonderful
Things We Do!

Featuring "The Wand", a 21st century replacement for the traditional novocaine syringe. If you have always hated the "shot" you will LOVE "The Wand"! (Dr. Thibodeau started using it over a dozen years ago, and 99.9% of his patients vastly prefer the WAND rather than the "old" way of getting "novocaine"- and they frequently tell him so.)

Nitrous Oxide "Tranquilizing Air" (available for even routine Hygienist "cleaning" visits on request) and MORE High-Tech Stuff: Air-Abrasion "Micro-Dentistry"; the "DELight" Water-Laser "silent NON-drill"; "NTI" custom bite-guard appliances to help control TMJ discomfort AND, in many cases, Migraine-type headaches; and the Near-Miracle of Dental Implants to replace one or more missing teeth in a minimally-invasive way.

Sign on one of our treatment room walls:
"If I cannot do Great Things,
then I can do Small Things
in a Great Way"

 New ?

Check-out our latest environmentally sensitive additions the upgraded and updated Amalgam Waste Recovery and Recycling Filtration System (courtesy of Dr. Zhang) and the RamVac waterless suction--two high-tech gadgets that significantly reduce pollution from those old ugly mercury-amalgam fillings we replace periodically with nice new white ones, and that also don't waste that increasingly precious commodity--water.

IS THIS YOU??? You HATE the sound of the "drill". You prefer to avoid getting "numb" whenever possible, EVEN with the wonderful WAND, because you just don't like the numb feeling (or NON-feeling) that persists for what feels like DAYS after your visit is over and done. You may or may not be familiar with Micro Air Abrasion, the "air-brush" that often can avoid all that, but you aren't thrilled with the in-your-mouth mini sand-storm the air-brush creates.


We have been using a wonderful DELight Erbium-YAG LASER for many of the tasks that required a drill in the past. Dr. T. attended a certification course at Tufts Dental School several years ago and he is really enjoying this very useful and minimally-invasive (though staggeringly pricey) "toy". It makes many good things possible that were not before.

Imagine: NO noisy drill whine, NO need for numbing MUCH of the time, and NO sand-storm. We can even do minor gum recontouring if needed with NO pain and MINIMAL bleeding and FAST healing. Check-out our page all about the LASER recently added to the site!

And that occasionally unavoidable event--some Staff changes! (It does seem that hardly anybody ever totally leaves forever... it IS a "small world") Of course the BIGGEST change is the new name on the sign out front, Dr. Zhang.

A few short years ago, the moment came for Dr. T. to decide he needed to take more time to smell the flowers, grow vegetables, visit the newest grandsons in New York State, and occasionally chase his Lady Alice around the yard. To accomplish this, it was necessary to reduce patient treatment hours to a more manageable level, and especially to hand-off heavy management responsibilities. After a careful search, a remarkably suitable successor appeared, and the deed was done. As of November, 2006, Dr. Baohua (pronounced "Bow-Wha") Zhang became the new "Head Honcho" and assumed ownership of the practice.

Since then, Dr. T. gradually reduced his hours in the office-- and fully retired in late 2008. Well, that only lasted a year, and here he is once again meeting and greeting and treating patients, again emphasizing "Chickens", on Tuesdays AND Wednesdays (NEW Chickens--and other sensitive people--are ALWAYS welcome). Dr. Z. sees patients in Norwell on other days during the week. (She also has a well established practice, FRESHLY RELOCATED TO A SHINY NEW CONDO OFFICE at 8 Forge Pond in Canton--phone: 781-828-2016.) On the urging of Dr. Z., Tuesdays and Wednesdays will continue to be Dr. Thibodeau days for as long as everybody is happy with that state of affairs.

As for our so-essential Norwell support staff, the excellent Judy is running things out front, dealing with scheduling reservations and managing financial matters, with occasional back-up and support from Laurie. the Canton office front desk Queen. Our current very capable principal chairside dental assistant is Kara, CDA. And finally, our Hygiene department is now led by the highly skilled (and oh-so-gentle) Sarah, RDH. (Arleen, RDH, has decided to go "full-time Mommy" for a while, as her two kids are keeping her VERY busy!) Life is change, my friends. One door closes and another one opens: often the challenge is finding that new door! And generally, overall this is not a bad thing.

A favorite bumper sticker:
"I am a Pink Flamingo on the Green Lawn of Life!" (Has nothing to do with Dentistry, Dr. T. just likes the sentiment...)

Can You Make My Smile
****** SPARKLE ? ******


Come see for yourself: a periodically changing exhibit of COSMETIC BONDING and VENEERS and CROWNS and complete SMILE MAKEOVERS we have done. Our patients seem to feel that we're pretty good! Dr.T. has been upgrading smiles for a lot of years using both bonding and porcelain. He really has great fun doing it! (Artists run in the family.) Dr. Z. also has demonstrated a definite knack for making a smile look really good. Check out the Smile Gallery and see for yourself!

Don't really like your smile? Spaces bother you? Uneven snaggle-teeth bug you? Did you grow a mustache to hide your smile--and you are a GIRL? Do you even avoid smiling because you are just too self conscious about it? It is never too late to change your smile for the better!

"Invisalign" invisible braces are available from one of our expert Orthodontist consultants, if after a proper in-depth evaluation it is determined that this method is right and appropriate for your case. This new "invisible braces" technique is limited to certain very specific criteria and is NOT necessarily appropriate for every person who would LIKE this treatment.

SPECIAL: You can have a SmileVision© computerized Imaging "Before & After" workup done without committing to doing anything at all. See how you might look with an improved smile! All it takes is a digital snap-shot portrait and a little Photoshop-style magic by one of our affiliated lab artist-technicians.

We can also provide you with information about the various available forms of Whitening--often (but NOT always) an easy and fast way to get your smile extra sparkly, using the latest in-office and take-home technology--and at a very affordable cost.


"She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth." Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


Money  Matters
(pun intended)

Payment options, Insurance information, and other "practical" details.


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